Dr. Burkett is a plastic surgeon who subspecializes in surgery of the hand. Dr. Burkett has been in private practice in the south Dallas Fort Worth Metro-plex for over 23 years, and treats a wide variety of common hand problems such as sport injuries, work related injuries, fractures, tendon and nerve injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.
The human hand is a thing of wonder. While we typically take our hands for granted, they are the most flexible part of our body. From our fingertips, that the temperature of even a single grain of sand, to a revolving joint as complex as our wrist, our hands are an often overlooked source of amazement.
Our hands are not only functional, because of the practical purposes they fulfill, they are also always on display. When our hands are injured by accident or through disease, they typically become a great source of pain and sorrow.
Diseases that slow or stop blood circulation, conditions that stiffen fingers, wrists, and elbows, and injuries to the nerves that work our muscles are all common concerns. Our active lives demand a great deal from our joints, which can suffer as a result. Many of our patients, in fact, report full recovery of function in their hands and freedom from previously debilitating pain.
All patients seen in Dr. Burkett’s office always receive very personal individual care of the highest standard. It is the goal of Dr. Burkett and his staff to meet and exceed each patients treatment expectations, and help them return their work and recreational actives as rapidly as possible





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